B.tech Mechnical Engineering (ME)

What is Mechanical Engineering.

One of the oldest and broadest engineering branches, Mechanical Engineering involves designing, development, production and use of mechanical tools to solve mechanical issues.

Where Mechanical Engineers Work.

Generally hired by manufacturing industries, having employment opportunity in both private and public sectors, Government sectors like Defense, PWD, Post and Telegraphs, and CPWD . also hire these engineers. They also have equal opportunities outside India. – Mechanical engineering includes design , manufacture , installation , and operation of engines , machines , robotics , heating & cooling systems and manufacturing processes. Mechanical Engineers can work in thermal power industry, gas turbines industry, air conditioning and refrigeration industry, oil and gas exploration and refining industries, agricultural sector, educational sector, aviation companies, shipping industries, aerospace industry, armed forces, pharmaceutical, automobile industry and many others.

1.Automobile  Sector

2.Aerospace & Propulsion

3.Electronic utilities & Power Generation Heating, Cooling, Ventilation & -Air Conditioning

4.Defense Industries

5.Biometrics & Bioengineering

Students can also go for a teaching career after mechanical engineering.

Companies inducting Mechanical Engineers.

Siemens, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd, Bharat Electronics Limited, Delhi/Chennai etc. Metro Rail Corporation Ltd.

Job Designations of Mechanical Engineers.

Research and Development (R&D) Engineer, Production Engineer, Design Engineer, Analysis and Testing Engineer, Installation and Maintenance Engineer.

Job Description of Mechanical Engineers at their workplace.

Job profile of a Mechanical Engineer can be classified into Research and Development (R&D), Production, Design, Analysis and Testing, Installation and Maintenance.

1.Designing and implementing economical equipment modifications to improve safety and reliability.

2.Creating project specifications with team mates.

3.Developing, designing, testing etc.

4.Project management

5.Monitoring and commissioning plant and systems.

R & D. Engineers whose role is to do research and then plan new Machines and their constituent parts

Design: Professionals whose responsibility is to draft technical drawings, manually or with aid of computers. CAD/CAM

Production: Engineers who supervise the manufacturing of Mechanical components & Machines

Analysis & Design: Engineers who analyze and test different types of machines & their parts to ensure that they function flawlessly.

Installation: Professionals who install machines and mechanical parts at the client location.

Maintenance: Engineers whose primary role is to ensure that machinery is working as per specifications.

Skills for a ME.

Requirement Analysis, Design Analysis, Presenting Technical Information, Equipment Maintenance, Conceptual Skills, Quality Focus, General Consulting Skills, Control Engineering, Production Engineering, Technical Zeal, Job Knowledge.

Average starting Salary of Mechanical Engineers:

Mechanical Labs @ VIMT






A graduate from this stream is hired by almost all fields involved in producing goods. Industries in the domain of electronics, automobiles,  healthcare, education, food, clothing.

Average starting Salary of Mechanical Engineers:

INR 10,000 and INR 25, 000/- On the basis of your skills, experience, expertise and the nature of roles and responsibilities handled previously. Salary differs as per the location, industry type, company level and if hired by a Multinational Company, expect high salary package.